‘Sticker VS GIF’ — What’s your choice?

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We chat, share things, and communicate with others in various ways. The methods we use to express ourselves are getting diversified rapidly. Along with, number of unique functions are emerging in the communication service market and platforms.

Two representatives of this case are ‘Stickers and GIFs’. They look quite identical in some aspects. However in actual, they’re clearly different. Stickers and GIFs both have their own unique features, functions, and the way of delivering ‘emotions’.

The table below shows the differences between two figures.

A. Purpose of Use

Stickers are predominantly used to express emotions — precisely, to support the ‘text’. For instance, we could send a gloomy faced sticker to our friends with the text including the reason why we are upset. On the other hand, GIF’s actual function is mainly focused on for ‘fun’ — in other words, entertainment.

B. Uniqueness of Contents

Of course GIF might also act as a valuable way to express our feelings. However since GIF has a limited range of contents, due to the factor that GIFs are mostly made from real photos, it is quite hard to create and provide consumers with unique contents comparison to stickers.

C. Sustainability

In the terms of sustainability, sticker has a high potentiality as a creative content. Sicker is a optimum place where artists and creators can express their splendid creativeness. They could create anything they want, even though it really doesn’t exists — it can be a unicorn, monster, whatever.

D. Suitable Used Areas

For users who prefer stickers, there are several choices of sicker platform applications on mobile. Among those, I would like to strongly recommend ‘Stipop’. Stipop’s service provides a wide range of high quality stickers. Most of all, since users are able to experience these stickers for free in a easy way, it is highly accessible comparison to other apps. You can download millions of free stickers at the website link below:)


In case of sticker — such as Stipop’s — it is effective and available to use them on most kind of messenger platforms(iMessage, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more). By using appropriate stickers in the context would double your bliss of conversation.

By using GIFs in social media posts, it would be able to make your contents more vibrant. Blending motion graphics and your text would help the readers to understand the context better.

It never means that neither GIFs nor Stickers are inferior to one another. Each contents truly have their own strengths. The point we should keep in mind is that “both stickers and GIFs have their own suitable area to be used and we should be able to use it wisely.”

Virtual sticker marketplace and creator community. Studio.stipop.io for sticker artists!

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